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Rental terms and conditions :

Method of payment

The reservation fee will be paid by bank transfer to the bank account the rental. Rental payments and final payments will be paid either by debit / credit card or by bank transfer, the rental bank account.


Smoking and lemmikkieläiten transport travel vehicle is strictly prohibited. Travel Car Export outside of Finland is prohibited, unless Sitta and the country is specifically agreed in the lease agreement.


Travel Car Inspection

For any damage arising from the date of the disputes relating to the prevention of the renter will release him Camper rental company with a representative to inspect
Travel Car external and internal condition and sign the checks of receipt of the certificate.

Travel Car use

The renter must have a valid driver's license (at least a B card), at least 21 years of age and at least one year of driving experience. The lessee is the motor caravan, access to rental start date of
14:00, unless otherwise agreed. Renter must themselves carry a car or he may hand it to other persons nor, unless the lease agreement have expressly authorized it.
Renter must provide this information to the content of the person to whom a lease in accordance with the Motor Vehicle disclosed.
Renter must take care of Tourism of the car and its keys to a careful person of ways.
The renter leaves the caravan, unattended, they should definitely lock it in and turn on the motorhome of safety equipment. At home with driving the lessee must exercise special care and caution. The renter agrees to use the Camper used only for the conventional manner.
Renter must ensure that your use of the motorhome registration certificate in accordance with the fuel (diesel oil). The renter is responsible for all repair costs and any other damages,
caused by the use of incorrect fuel. The renter during the rental period will take care of Tourism normal car, such as engine oil quantity, radiator and battery fluids, tire pressures, etc. Smoke and pet transportation is strictly prohibited motorhome, with the exception of individual pets are suitable for caravans. Travel Car Export outside of Finland is prohibited,
unless it and the country is specifically agreed in the lease agreement. The lessee must return the Motorhome Rental Agency no later than 12 noon rental end date, unless otherwise agreed. The mobile home must be returned fully fueled, cleaned and emptied the toilet.

Responsibility for tourism of the car and its equipment during the rental period

Renter must deductible limit (1800,00 euros, unless otherwise agreed) until replaced by:
  • Travel to the vehicle or its equipment during the rental period the damage occurred;
  • Tourism on the vehicle during the rental period, lost parts, standard equipment and leased equipment.

Renter will lease marked the deductible ($ 500.00 million) to the maximum level to carry out the damage caused by down-time of the incident according to the applicable Traffic Accident Board in accordance with the Implementing Measures for dead-time compensation from the daily norm, with a maximum of 30 days. The down time will start from the date of the injury.

The renter's liability for any damage

If caravans or car hire for damage caused by the lessee are the result of willful misconduct, gross negligence, car use alcohol or drugs when under the influence, criminal purposes, or that the lessee is otherwise in material breach of the terms of this agreement, the tenant is obliged to compensate the damage the car hire as a whole.

Renter's release of liability in the

The renter is released from liability if the rental company will receive full compensation for the damage insurance policies on the basis of the counterparty, or cause it.

Other payment obligations

Renter will pay all rent on the car due to parking and parking tickets, violation charges and speeding tickets. If the camera controls or other controls on the basis of prescribed offense charges and speeding fines to be paid until the Leasing rental period, the renter will pay for them to hire.

Payment of rent, booking fee and security deposit

Travel Car hire comes into effect when the booking fee of 250.00 EUR is paid at time of booking (at the latest within a week). Subject to booking fee is not paid within a week, the reservation expires. Booking fee works the same as a deposit. The deposit will be returned to the renter or deducted from the final invoice, if he or she has taken care of its obligations under the lease, and otherwise acted in accordance with the lease. Renter must pay for the lease of the whole of the rent by bank transfer no later than five (5) days prior to the commencement of the letting or debit / credit card no later than the start date of hire Camper when you pick up.
Other forms of payment may be agreed upon at the start of hire. Travel Car returned, the renter will be carried out to total assets, which consists of a mm. the extra mileage, late fees, and cleaning fees.

At the rental obligation

At the rental car will be transferred to the lessee and the working condition in the lease agreed time and place. Rental Agency shall give the tenant adequate training of the use of the motorhome. If the rental company give a discotheque as agreed, the lessee may demand a reduction of the rent or terminate the contract. The lessee may claim damages for the rental of the delay.


Distance traveled is measured in a rented caravan, mobile meter. If the renter has intentionally caused damage to the odometer, the tenant will pay for the rental car return estimated by the drive of the lease, unless either party establishes the probability that the car has been driven a longer / shorter distance. The lessee shall promptly notify the car hire possible malfunction of the meter.

Cancellation Policy

Renter must make the cancellation in writing to hire. Cancellation will be considered at the time of the cancellation has become a car hire. The reservation fee will be refunded if cancellation is made no later than 21 days before the start of the trip. After this, the booking fee is not refundable.

Renter's measures of error, damage and theft cases

Renter must immediately inform the car hire motorhome error has occurred, or damages to, or theft. Theft must be made without delay, report to the police. Rental Agency will then inform the tenant of what action should be taken because of the incident.
Traffic accident cases the tenant must be made without delay a claim to the car hire motorhome on the accident report form. If the fault is unclear,
the lessee must notify the police. The police must always be stated,
in the case of personal injury. The police have also advised when it comes to deer damage and provide car hire for a certificate notification. If the renter fails the above mentioned notifications, he is responsible for the car hire for the damage suffered.

At the rental car liability of the error

If the motorhome during the rental period in case of technical or other fault, the renter may require an adjustment error or error in a corresponding reduction of the rent. If the caravan, the fault is essential, the lessee may demand termination of contract. Agreement can not be disassembled,
if the car hire within a reasonable time to provide a replacement Tourism Car.
Problem with the direct damage caused by the lessee may claim damages. Rental company is not liable for consequential damages.

Travel Car restoration of the contractual lease period ends

The lessee must return the motor home to the agreed place of the agreed rental period ends.
If the renter does not return the Camper to the agreed place and the agreed rental period, the end of the car hire is entitled to charge a reasonable indemnification for economic loss caused by the rental company. If the renter does not return the Camper of the rental period and the end of the rental period has been agreed upon with the rental, the rental company will make a declaration to the police.

Travel Car restored prior to the agreed rental period has expired

If the renter returns the motorhome before the agreed rental period,
rent is determined in accordance with the original lease.


Leasing Company has the right to the lease period to terminate the lease, when it is clear
that the lessee substantially in breach of the lease or that the renter estimate, unable to use the car properly. If the motorhome is inhibited so damaged or stolen, the rental agreement is terminated upon notification of the issue.
At the rental of discharge of the lease, the lessee must return the car hire Motorhome without delay.

To export the car outside of Finland

Travel Car Export outside of Finland is prohibited, unless it and the country is specifically agreed in the lease agreement.

Disputes relating to the contract

This agreement shall be governed by Finnish law. This Agreement in any dispute arising aims to resolve by negotiation. If the dispute can not be settled through negotiation, the rental will be levied to raise the seat of the district court or the Pirkanmaa District Court.

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